Monday, July 14, 2008


Dirty politics will affect Umno: Zahid

Umno members who aspire to be nominated as candidates for the coming Party elections in December have been reminded not to practise dirty politics such as bribery, slander, lobbying and back stabbing. Umno Supreme Council Member Datuk Sen Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said such a culture would not only affect Umno negatively but is also detrimental to the Party’s unity. The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department who was met here yesterday, pointed out that divisional elections would be held in the next five months and said all members must abide by the code of ethics. “It is hoped that none of the members will be involved in money politics, slander and also conduct personal attacks on other candidates,” he said. The Umno elections will be held from December 16 to 21 while its divisional elections are from October 9 to November 9. According to Zahid, it is disheartening to note that disunity among its members always arises during the Party’s election as each candidate has his or her own supporters. The action of not supporting the victorious candidate or leaving Umno must be stopped as it will affect the Party, he said, adding that those who are not ‘clean’ should refrain from contesting in the elections. “If this culture is allowed to continue, he Opposition will make use of Umno’s weakness in the coming general elections,” he said. Zahid also took to task several members who have made public through the mass media their intention to contest as this was not a healthy culture. Such action will result in the public having a negative perception on Umno as all the Party’s ‘dirty laundry’ will be washed in the open and become the focus of the people. “Therefore it is important that we resolve any problems internally,” he said, adding that contesting for posts happens in all parties and not only Umno but their problems are not made known to the public. On whether he will be contesting for the Umno Vice President’s post, Zahid replied, “It is an open secret”.

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