Monday, July 28, 2008


Keningau MCA Chief fails to keep post
Ma loses to Chen who obtains slim majority of eight votes


Incumbent Peter Ma Kin Yee failed to defend the post of Keningau Divisional MCA Chief when he lost to Chen Siong Yee who got a slim majority of eight votes in a straight fight during the MCA divisional election held at Perkasa Hotel here yesterday. Ma obtained 15 votes while Chen garnered 23 votes. A total of 38 delegates were eligible to cast their votes. The election was held smoothly and witnessed by two observers from the State MCA Liaison Committee - State Liaison Secretary Tan Kim Beng and Executive Secretary Yong Su Ping. Fong Fui Min won the Divisional Deputy Chief post after garnering 24 votes and beating former Divisional Vice Chief Lee Yee Fook who only obtained 14 votes. The four Divisional Vice Chiefs who won were Chee En Kong, Loh Yin Kong, Kong Khet Yung and Chee Sik Lai. Ten Committee Members elected were Tham Yu Chan, Fung Lun Voi, Ho Chui Fui, Chai On, Chai Then Yong, Cher Fook Seng, Yong Wing Cheang, Yong Chuan Kong, Chung Choon Sang and Tan Hong Leong. Fung Tui Min, Chee En Kong and Loh Yin Kong were picked as the divisional delegates for the MCA National General Assembly in October. The new Chief, Chen Siong Yee and Woman Chief, Wong Fung Lan, are automatic delegates. During the nominations held at Perkasa Hotel on July22, Divisional Youth Chief Leonard Teo and Women Chief Wong Fung Lan won uncontested.

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