Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Give free water to Sabahans: MCA


Sabah MCA has called on the State Government to emulate the Selangor and Perak State Governments in giving free water (for the first 20 cubic litres) to consumers in the State, as one way of easing their burden in the wake of high inflation. In a statement issued here, its Deputy Youth Chief, Wilfred Yong, was convinced that such a move would ease the ‘domino effect’ of the fuel price increase on the people. He regretted that despite being the largest palm oil producer in the country and paying a higher cess of 7.5% for the palm oil, as compared to only 5% for Sarawak, Sabah today remains as the poorest State with the lowest per capita incomes. Yong further noted that the March 8 General Election reult has undoubtedly demonstrated Sabahans’ full support for the Barisan Nasional (BN) hence, it is only right that the Government introduce more measures that could ease their hardship at this trying time. The State Government could perhaps consider making good use of the cess money to give 20 cubic litres of free water to consumers in the State, he said. “Although the amount involved is just slightly more than RM1O but, it is nevertheless a good gesture by the State Government to demonstrate its concern for the people’s suffering,” he said. Yong added that the amount may be insignificant to many but, it means a lot to the hardcore poor. He also said that such move would also encourage the people to save water besides being ‘environmental friendly’.

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