Tuesday, July 29, 2008


MCA Penampang wants Khoo to defend Central Committee post


The MCA Penampang Division passed eight motions during its annual general meeting here on Sunday night, including one calling for the Party’s State Chief Datuk Edward Khoo Keok Hai to defend his Central Committee (CC) post. The Division was the first in Sabah to pass the motion to support the Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister and Kapayan Assemblyman in his bid to defend his post. The delegates also endorsed the motion to fully support Party Vice President Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat’s bid to contest for the Presidency as well as a proposal that MCA Penampang Chief Datuk Paul Kong Sing Chu contests for a CC post in the party’s election this October 18. They also urged the MCA’s leadership to amend its constitution to allow all the State Liaison committee to be elected by the Party members. The delegates also wanted the Party’s central and state leadership to lobby for more Government posts, Government agency directorships as well as State awards for MCA members. On the social side, MCA Penampang wants the Federal Government to urgently build a new and larger health clinic in Penampang to serve the people in the district. They also urged the State and Federal Governments to take firm and effective steps to resolve the illegal immigrants problem in the State, including taking steps to legalize illegal foreign workers. The delegates said that to fight and reduce crime as well as drug- related problems in Sabah, the Government should immediately close all refugee camps in the State. They also wanted the Government to be more serious in its effort to fight corruption and proposed that it set up a truly independent Anti- Corruption Agency as soon as possible. The Division called for the Federal Government to take firm steps to reduce the impact of rising inflation and assist lower income citizens regardless of racial background in overcoming the problem of reduced real income. The delegates also urged the State Government to address the native status of Sino-natives in Sabah which according to them, has an implication on their Bumiputera status and land inheritance. They wanted SESB to improve in the provision of uninterrupted electricity supply to the public in the interest of the people in Sabah. The delegates also urged the Penampang District Council to improve its delivery system and services. Meanwhile, Kong said that MCA Penampang had grown in leaps and bounds as its branches had increased from eight to 16 now. “We also have 2,138 members in the Division,” he said.

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