Wednesday, July 23, 2008


30% self-sufficient in goat meat by 2011


Sabah is confident of achieving 30 percent self sufficiency in goat meat by 2011, says Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Sen Panglima Haji Yahya Hussin. Currently, goat meat sold in supermarkets in Sabah is imported froiñ Ausfralia and New Zealand, Yahya said. “One of the reasons why we believe we can achieve this target is because the Department of Veterinary Services and Animal Industries (Dovsai) is giving away 200 goats to farmers. “And like what we saw just now, the 200 goats have become 982 goats in 20 months,” he said, adding that currently there are 241 goat farmers in Sabah. Speaking during a visit to Jambo Goat Farm in Menggatal near here yesterday, Yaha expressed the hope that by 2011 Sabah will io lonRer have to impxt gi meat but depend on local supply, which he said is low in cholesterol and contains little fat. He added that developing the local goat industry could provide job opportunities for local people and utilise idle land in the State for goat farming. Meanwhile, Yahya welcomed the proposal tO increase thç price of rubber, saying it would benefit rubber producers in the State. - “We are among the best rubber exporters in the world. Raising the rubber price would enhance the nation’s economy for the benefit of the people,” he said, adding that the price increas would benefit smallholders as Well. He added that the price increase is a global phenomenon outside the control of the people. Yahya also urged rubber smallholders to report to the Ministry if there are people buying rubber without a trading licence, saying only then could legal action be taken against them. - Yahya also visited the Duck Development Centre in Kionsom, the Veterinary Management Centre in Bantavan Tuaran, the Pig Abbatoir in Kionsom and the Rabbit and Quail Breeding Centre in Bantayan. The Kionsom duck centre has some 2,500 ducks producing 500 eggs a day, while the Jambo goat farm in Menggatal has 982 goats. Also present were the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Matius Sator, Political Secretary Victor Ng and Dovsai Director Datuk Haji Awang Sahak HaiiAwang Salleh.

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