Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Babagon Dam safe: Jetama


The Babagon Dam is a solid structure that can withstand the water pressure, especially during rainy season. Jetama Sdn Bhd General Manager Jake Jikulin Nointien said the dam has never and will not crack when it rains heavily. “I therefore urge the people in Penampang not to listen to rumours sent via SMS, email or other mediums that the dam is cracking or has cracked because it could not withstand the amount of water collected during rainy season,” he said. He said the false information and rumours were spread by irresponsible quarters resulting in people panicking over something that would not happen. Jake said this during a visit by JCI Penampang “Keep Moyog River Clean” campaign’s organizing committee to Jetama’s office yesterday to receive a RM5,000 sponsorship from the company. “We hope JCl Penampang through this campaign will also be able to inform the residents in Penampang about how solid Babagon Dam is so as to dispel all their fears of it cracking,” he said:

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