Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Handle issues fairly and wisely CP tells cops


Be fair and wise when handling current issues. That is a simple reminder from Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim who urged his men not to take sides, especially now when the police professionalism is challenged with many one- sided ideologies. He said it was important to monitor and counter such issues wisely without any mind barriers. “By doing so, the image of the Force could be further enhanced towards public expectations,” he said during the monthly parade at the State Police Headquarters in Kepayan yesterday. Noor Rashid also outlined nine approaches that could keep the police personnel on the right path of professionalism. “It is impoftant for us to value add our services to the public and create a knowledgeable organisation. Apart from this, we also need to think globally but act locally. “We also need to improve our networking with the media, public as well as our presence. It is also important to eradicate corruption and abuse of power at all levels,” he added. The Police Commissioner also said that it was important to improve the quick response time and strengthen the delivery system by reducing bureaucracy. “We have taken an oath of service to uphold the laws of the country and we need to carry it out positively without fear or favour,” he said. Noor Rashid also said that it was important for them to be ‘best friends’ with the public in terms of planning, action and measures taken. “We need to be more approachable and ever ready to listen to their grouses, be more sensitive, transparent, realistic and wise in any decision or action implemented. This is in line with our main role which is to serve for the people and ensure better security and a harmonious environment

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