Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Invalid villager needs urgent attention


A local Murut man from Kampung Ambual near here who has been confined to his bed for the last five years, needs urgent attention from the relevant authorities. Janting bin Sundi, 70, has been staying at the paddy storage barn of villager Nathar Rumut. H o w e v e r Nathar who has been taking care of Janting since the latter become half-paralysed, also has to support a wife and six children just on the income from his paddy fields. Janting’s parents passed away when he was still a child, and since then he has been staying with families in the village. Janting himself is illiterate and has neither a house nor a family of his own. The villagers sympathise with his condition and would let him stay with them when asked. However, although he used to help them on the paddy field or with odd jobs, now that he is half- paralysed and Nathar has been looking after him. Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) Chairman Garius Pukin commended Nathar for his readiness to help Janting despite his own poverty. Janting has been receiving a RM60 monthly allowance from the Community Welfare Department, but the Department should also give assistance to Nathar and his family, said Garius. “I also’ urge the Government through the Rural Development Ministry to provide him a house under the Hardcore Poor Housing Programme,” he said, adding a wheelchair would enable him to move, around. He urged volunteers, nongovernmental organisations and the private sector to come forward with contributions to lighten Janting’s burden.

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