Monday, July 28, 2008


LDP proven loyal to BN, says Liew


Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) had in the last general election proven to be a Party that is loyal, dedicated and persevered to the cause and struggle of the Barisan Nasional (BN). “We continue to believe in the spirit of BN where we continue to inculcate into our members the spirit of working as a team,” LDP President and Sandakan Member of Parliament Datuk VK Liew said. The Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister cum Kapayan LDP Divisional Chief in his speech at the Division’s annual general meeting yesterday, said that Party members would continue to share and act as one strong ‘Barisan’ without compromising on their principle and integrity. “We did not, still so not and will not subscribe to the belief of sabotaging against a component party in the BN in an election,” he stressed. Liew pointed out in his speech that despite the fact that in the last election, BN was short of eight seats to get a two-thirds majority in Parliament, and the Opposition securing five states in Peninsular Malaysia, one fact that could not be denied remained, which was democracy. This in itself, he said was a recognition that Malaysians have matured as well as grown in the process to have an open and democratic system of election. “Our democracy is based on law. While our constitution provides for among other things, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion etc, such freedom is subject to the laws that are prevailing in the country,” he said. Despite the freedom of speech, no one is at liberty to slander or defame others by virtue of what they say. Hence, Liew pointed out, bloggers who slander and defame others by their malicious as well as vicious words will have to face the consequence of their action. “We must also not associate ourselves with illegal associations or participate in illegal assemblies nor should we abuse our freedom to worship by joining cults or religious activities that are not permissible under the laws,” he stressed. According to Liew further, as LDP President, he has attended many meetings with heads of BN component parties to discuss matters, including the measure to be taken on inflation as well as the illegal immigrants problem in Sabah. “I together with the many political leaders from other Sabah-based BN component parties have raised issues and brought to the attention of the central leadership matters that are of great concern to the people in this State such as the eradication of poverty, illegal immigrants, imbalance development and unfair treatment of Sabahans in various Federal positions,” he said. He pointed out that all issues concerning Sabah have been raised by its MPs in Parliament as well as the various leaders during the BN Supreme Council meetings and also by the people in Sabah who are in various capacities. These issues, he said, are not confined to just one person or one political party and neither can it be said that only one person or that one political party is concerned about the issues faced by the people here. “I therefore believe that concerted efforts are required from all parties concerned regardless of our political affiliations to address and solve the many issues we are facing,” he said. “Personally I must stress that to be popular and win favours is not my agenda. Instead I want to be able to change the lives of others and have my work stand the test of time,” he said before adding, “I always believe that actions speak louder than words, hence what I do is more significant that what I say.” Liew also said that he cannot help but brush aside accusations by certain quarters that Sabah leaders who are working in the Federal Government as having been ‘Federalized’. The statement, he said, was made out of pure spite and many have found it an affront to past Sabah leaders who had worked in the Federal Government and contributed so much to nation building since independence day.

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