Thursday, July 31, 2008


95pc parking penalty cut
City Hall offers big discount on excess parking charges for overdue fees during Amnesty Month


The City Hall, through its car park management company Wawasan Iktisas Sdn Bhd, is offering motorists a discount of 95 percent on penalty or excess charges for overdue parking fees. In announcing the amnesty offer, DBKK Holdings Director cum General Manager Kenny Chan said in a statement yesterday that it is valid for the period from August 1-30 in conjunction with the Merdeka Month. He said that during the period, the public will only have to pay the actual parking fees due plus a minimum penalty of 5 percent. Chan explained that the minimum penalty is imposed in order to be fair to the rest of the motorists who have paid promptly and also for the operation and administrative costs incurred. “For the amnesty purposes, the cut—off date of the parking statement will be as at 31 March 2008,” he said. Hence, Kenny urged the public to come up and take this opportunity to settle their parking dues. More information on the amnesty offer can be obtained from Wawasan Iktisas at 088-212580/221580. In conjunction with the amnesty offer, Parking Amnesty Mobile Counters will be open at the following locations and schedules to make it more convenience for the motorists to settle their dues:

DATE! AUG 2008
LOCATIONS (Look out for the amnesty’s banner)
Aug 1-7 Aug 8-10 Sunday Aug 3 Sunday Aug 10
8am-5pm 8am-5pm . 8am- 1pm 8am-1pm
Gaya North, Tg. Aru, Damai Plaza, Inanam New Township, Likas Plaza, Taman Bunga Raja and Kingfisher Gaya Center, Taman Fortuna, Damai Plaza and Inanam Business Center Gaya Street, Segama, Foh Sang, Lido and Inanam New Township Gaya Street, Segama and V Inanam New Township
Aug 11-17 Sunday Aug 17
8am-5pm 8am-1pm
Gaya Center, Sinsuran, Taman Fortuna, Sadong Jaya, Grace Square, Foh Sang, Inanam Point and Inanam New Township Gaya Street, Segama and New Township
Aug 18-24 Sunday Aug 24
8am-5pm 8am- 1pm
Sinsuran, Bandaran Berjaya, Api-Api Centre, Grace Square, Sembulan, Lido, Lintas Plaza, Lintas Square, Inanam New Township, Inanam Lama and Business Centre Gaya Street, Segama and Inanam New Township
Aug 25-30 ,
Api-Api Centre, Central Market, Lido, Sadong Jaya, Luyang Phase 8. Sunny Garden, Kolam Centre, Kolombong Industrial Estate, Nountun Industrial Estate and Inanam New Township.
Note: Saturday counters are open from 8am to 1pm.

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