Tuesday, July 22, 2008


State Cabinet yet to discuss re-delineation of boundary

The State Cabinet has yet to discuss the redelineation of the Putatan and Penampang districts’ boundary. Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji Mond Noor said this yesterday when asked for the latest development pertaining to the issue which had villagers in the affected villages up in arms and protesting against the exercise. Villagers from the affected villages in Penampang and Putatan had protested against the exercise and requested the State Government to rescind its decision. Hajiji was quoted early this month as saying that the State Government would review the re-delineation exercise following the protest by the affected villagers. Objections were also registered by local leaders including Minister tnthe Prime Minister’s Department and United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organization ‘UPKO” President Tan Sri Bernard Dompok as well as former Moyog Assemblyman, Philip Lasimbang. Dompok had told reporters, “I am objecting to this (and) Jam going to write to all the Cabinet ministers about this. I will have to register with the Federal Government my objection that this boundary cannot be in the manner that the State Government has approved. “Even if Putatan is to be upgraded to a full district, the boundary between Penampang and Putatan must be according to the parliamentary constituency boundaries where villages which are under the Putatan constituency can be under the Putatan district and those in the Penampang constituency remain in the Penampang district,” he said. On Sunday, another dialogue protesting the exercise was held, this time in Kepayan, and Lasimbang representing Dompok said, “There is no time-frame (to object to the exercise)and we will never give up until we have won.”

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