Friday, July 4, 2008


Hunt for four double robbery suspects
Two families robbed by masked robbers in two days


Police are making efforts to track down the four masked robbers who escaped with two vehicles and about RM30,000 worth of jewelery, cash and other valuables from a house in Luyang recently. City Police ChiefACP Ahmad Sofi Zakaria said yesterday that police have yet to make any arrest. “We are liaising with our counterparts in other districts and have contacted personnel at the border areas to look out for the suspects and the missing items ... we are actively carrying out the investigation,” he said. Asked whether the group was linked to a similar case in Taman Ria, Kolombong, Sofi said they have yet to establish any link. On whether police believe that the vehicles in the latest case have been smuggled out of Sabah, Sofi answered: “We cannot confirm anything right now; we are still investigating.” On Tuesday, the four men who were armed with knives broke into a bungalow belonging to a well-known doctor around 4am by climbing up to a balcony and into a wash room via a window after prising open the side gate. During the incident, the doctor and his daughters, aged 22 and 19, were fast asleep at the upper floor of the two-storey house while the maid was sleeping in a bedroom downstairs. His wife was away in India. One of the intruders had apparently entered the master bedroom before waking the doctor up and held him at knife-point. The Malay-speaking intruder then bound the doctor with a belt and necktie and said he would not be harmed if he handed over his valuables. While ransacking the home, they entered the daughters’ room, tied them up and brought them to the master bedroom to be with their father. The maid was later also brought to the master bedroom. The intruders spent more than an hour in the house before fleeing with the Toyota Prado and Proton Waja, RM7,000 cash, RM20,000 gold jewelry and two expensive watches, two cellphones and two digital cameras. It was learned that the robbers told the victims they will abandon the Proton Waja near the house a few days later. The victims were freed by a gardener who later notified the police. In the Taman Ria case, masked men, including one armed with a weapon, broke into a house on Tuesday and drove off with three luxury vehicles - Mercedes Benz, Ninja King and Honda City. The Mercedes Benz, with the keys still intact, was however found abandoned by the roadside at Kampung Tarap Dua Bongawan at around 8am the same day.

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