Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Gas pipeline: Sarawak will go with KL decision


The Sarawak Government will go with the decision of the Federal Government on the 500-kilometre gas pipeline from Kimanis to Bintulu, its Deputy Chief Minister, Tan Sri Alfred Jabu, said. Jabu, who was met after being feted to a cultural show at the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Organization (KDCA) Unity Centre here yesterday, was asked to comment on calls by certain quarters for the RM3 billion project to be scrapped. “It is a Federal decision and this is decided as the best for the whole nation. Like all Federal decisions there are prerogatives to make the decision. - “Whatever is feasible and for the national interest we will go with the decision of the Federal Government,” he said, adding that the Federal Government would have looked at the whole scenario before making its decision. Meanwhile, Sabah’s success with the river ‘tagal’ system has earned accolades from Jabu. “I visited the Babagon area just now and have seen the tagal system which was pioneered by Sabah as far back as eight years ago, and it has shown good results with widespread participation from all the kampungs numbering 324 now. “The JKKKs look after the system and I am very impressed with what the kampung people have done and the support given by the Government. I have some lessons to take hack to Sarawak because we have started the tagal system and now have about 40 such areas,” he said. The Sarawak Rural Development Minister as well as Infrastructure Development and Communication Minister added that he was very impressed by the fact that ordinary kampung people have worked together among themselves and put in place a system that will benefit people over a long time. Jabu said Sabah and Sarawak have many similarities and he found his visit very useful as he had the opportunity to meet his counterpart Deputy Chief Minister cum Rural Development Minister Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan and exchanged views on many issues. “Because of the similarities, we can learn from each other and strive to be better,” he added. On his visit to the KDCA Unity Centre, Jabu said he thoroughly enjoyed himself as there was overflowing hospitality given to him and his wife. It was time well spent here and I am very impressed by the way the Unity Centre is being run as it gives impetus to the preservation of cultural traditions so that young people won’t forget their culture,” he said, adding that the Unity Centre is also a tourism attraction with a huge potential to draw tourists. Meanwhile, Pairin was pleasantly surprise 4hen informed that he had been appointed to b a member of the ‘Seven Imminent Persons’ group representing Malaysia to talk about strengthening ties with a similar group from Indonesia. To the question if he was aware of the appointment and what his views are on the appointment, Pairin replied, “I am not aware of this and not so sure what are the implications but if it is anything to do with helping the country helping Sabah, helping with opinions and views which are beneficial to the country and the people of course I am only too happy to contribute towards this purpose,” he said.

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