Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Big car owners queue up for cash rebate


Large crowds gathered at the post office here since early morning as the second phase of the cash rebate payment for owners of petrol and diesel cars up to 3,000cc engine capacity in Sabah and Sarawak got under way. A check by the Borneo Post showed people milling inside and outside the post office here, and by 10am it had run out of number slips. A supervisor at the post office said the congestion as inevitable although the eligible car owners have been advised not to rush as they still have a long time to claim their cash rebates. Meanwhile the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Datuk Masidi Manjun unsaid the announcement about new rebate scheme is proof that the Federal Government is sensitive to the needs of people in Sabah and Sarawak. “The announcement will ease the burden of the car owners since the people here usually use big cars which are not a luxury but a necessity,” he said. According to Masidi, the move also shows that any problem can be resolved peacefully by asking for the Federal Government’s assistance without any confrontation. “We have to remember that every action from any leader has implications especially in helping the community, therefore cooperation from every quatter is needed to overcome any problem,” he said. Viktor Johnny, 33, of Kg Melawa Telipok said that he was happy to find that he was eligible for the cash rebate after checking with the customer service counter. “I hope to get the full rebate,” he said. He had been at the post office since early morning, knowing that it would be crowded with people like him, all eager to get their rebates early. Lorry driver Edmund Kalandak, 49, commended the government’s move, saying it would ease the people’s burden. “This is the first time I am getting the rebate, and it will definitely help me a lot especially now after the fuel price hike,” said Edmund, who came all the way from Kg Kinarut Laut, Papar. Muslee Anggeris, a 24-year-old student who rides a motorcycle, said the fuel price hike was having an impact on him. “However I agree with the Government’s move because most of the car owners in Sabah use big cars with engines up to 3000cc to make it easier for them to tackle hilly roads,” he said. Muslee said as the big cars consume more fuel, the Government should increase the rebate for them. Meanwhile Maslian Darawati, 25, also gave the thumbs up to the rebate scheme, saying the car owners would be very dissatisfied if they were not given the rebate. “But hopefully the fuel rebate payment will be given every year since the increasing prices of goods and fuel have been very hard for us,” she said.

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