Friday, July 4, 2008


Archive to hold exhibition on Jesselton


A special exhibition entitled ‘Jesselton Dalam Kenangan’ (Jesselton In Memory) will be held at the Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry podium between Aug 18 and 30 this year. The programme, held to commemorate this year’s Merdeka Day, will bring the public down memory lane as they learn of the historical development of Jesselton town, now called Kota Kinabalu. State Archive Director Datuk Tigabelas Datu Zainal Abidin in disclosing this, said the exhibition would also reflect the administrative development, socio-economy, education, health, sports and other activities between the year 1889 and 1967. In a statement yesterday, Datu Tigabelas also said that the programme would also provide an opportunity for individuals to share their experiences of either working or living in Jesselton, as well as those who just came for visits. “We welcome individuals who wish to share their experiences to come forward. They may bring along photographs taken during the Jesselton era, especially those that reflect activities during the time,” he said. Those wishing to take part may contact the State Archive’s Organisation Development Division at 088-258991 before the end of this month. In another development, Datu Tigabelas also disclosed that the State Archive will be holding a special exhibition in conjunction with the Rumbia Festival in Kuala Penyu between July 4 and 6. The event would provide an opportunity for the public to learn the development history of Kuala Penyu through photographs. “These photographs were taken during the early years of Kuala Penyu up to now,” he said, adding that historical items on local hero Datu Paduka Mat Salleh and his struggles to free Sabah as well as the State Archive’s roles will also be on display. Datu Tigabelas urged the public, especially young children, to come forward and learn the history of their State.

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