Monday, July 7, 2008


PM pledges to ensure peace
Abdullah says he knows people are becoming fed up with political manoeuvres in country


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday pledged to ensure that Malaysia will continue to be peaceful and safe despite perception to the contrary. “The Government wants to ensure a situation where the people need not worry or be afraid, and that they should be able to concentrate on their priorities in ensuring they can overcome their current problems and can do their best for themselves, their families and companies or organisations they represent,” he said. Abdullah, who was commenting on the demonstration organised by certain groups as well as the current political developments, told Bernama that he was perturbed by what was happening currently. “But lam aware of and understand the current situation,” he pointed out. “I also know that the people are becoming fed up with the political maneuvers taking place currently,” Abdullah said. “Slandering have become more rampant. One no longer cares whether the accusations are true or otherwise,” he said. The Prime Minister pointed out that his priority in facing the current situation was to focus on the main issue which was to tackle the increase in the prices of fuel and other goods as well as development for the people. “The general election is over. The people have already given their trust to the political parties of their choice. The people have chosen Barisan Nasional to continue to rule. “As such, I don’t see the rationale for the continued demonstrations, or to play politics purely to create instability that could jeopardise the people’s safety and it is also aimed at toppling the Government elected by the people,” he said. “I hope the people will join me in focusing on efforts to overcome all the problems and challenges faced today so that we can ensure peace, security and prosperity for the people,” he added. - Bernama

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