Thursday, July 3, 2008


Doctor robbed of RM30,000, cars
Four knife-wielding masked men break into victim’s bungalow


Four masked men who were armed with knives broke into the house of a well-known doctor and robbed his family of over RM30,000 in cash and valuables as well as two cars - Toyota Prado and Proton Waja early yesterday. In the incident at about 4am, the doctor) his two daughters and a maid were in the bungalow at the VIP Lot, Luyang when the robbers struck. The doctor, whose wife was said to he in India for a visit, was sleeping alone in the master bedroom upstairs while his two daughters, aged 22 and 19, were asleep in another room upstairs while their maid was sleeping in a bedroom downstairs. The robbers were believed to have gained entry into the house by climbing up to a balcony and into the window of a washroom after prising open a side gate of the bungalow. One of the intruders, who spoke Malay first entered the master bedroom, the door of which was not locked, and pointed a knife at the doctor after rousing him from sleep. They bound him with a belt and a necktie while telling him that he would not be harmed it he handed over his money and valuables. While ransacking the house, the robbers went to the other bedroom where the doctor’s daughters were sleeping and took them to the master bedroom and also tied them up. When they went downstairs, they discovered the maid was sleeping in a bedroom and brought her to the master bedroom too after tying her up. The robbers, who spent more than an hour in the house, later drove away in the two cars after opening the automatic gate with a remote control device. Another car, Mitsubishi Pajero, parked at another spot was left untouched apparently because the robbers did not see it. They took with them about RM7,000 cash, RM20,000 gold jewellery plus two expensive wrist watches, two handphones and two digital cameras belonging to the daughters. The victims were freed by the family’s gardener who later lodged a police report. The robbers were said to have told the victims that they will abandon the Waja car near the house a few days later.

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