Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Land for Apin-Apin township encroached

Villagers clear area and build houses, says UPKO


Part of the 49 acres of gazetted land allocated for the new Apin-Apin township has been encroached and cleared by villagers for building houses. UPKO Bingkor Divisional Chief Datuk John Datuk Angian yesterday urged the State Government to intervene on the encroachment. “Eight half-concrete houses have been built on the land which was left idle for more than 20 years,” he told The Borneo Post here. John hoped the State Government could speed up the development for the township which was proposed and abandoned 26 years ago. He said the new township area was gazetted by the Government in 1982 after two prominent leaders from Apin-Apin, former Keningau Assemblyman, the late Datuk Anthony Undan Andulag and former District Chief, the late OKK Datuk Angian Andulag, had proposed the area for the Apin-Apin new township during the Alliance Government (USNO, SCA and SIC) in 1970s. Through the early planning, he said the new township would be provided with all the infrastructures facilities, including the Government secretariat building, Fire and Rescue Department, shop houses, police station, hospital, mosque and church. “But unfortunately, before the land could be developed it has been encroached,” he said and hoped the Government could stop all clearing works by villagers in the land. According to him, all the developments planned should be carried out 10 years ago in order to make Apin-Apin a sub-district in this district. But until now there is still no news on developing the new township. John suggested that the Keningau Land and Survey Department carry out a survey on the land for the J new township and urged the District Office to set up a signboard warning of stern action on encroachment.

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