Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Kurup calls for monthly land surveys


The Land and Survey Department has been urged to introduce monthly land surveying schedules for villages in rural areas. Rural and Regional Development Minister Tan Sri Joseph Kurup in making the call, said the move would overcome delays in measuring land areas, a long-standing problem for rural villagers. The Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) President also stressed that it had also caused delays in the issuance of land titles, especially in Sook and Nabawan, and hampered villagers’ wish to develop their land for agriculture. “PBRS has been working hard to ensure that rural folks’ land applications are approved and hopes that they would understand the Land and Survey Department’s abilities,” he said in his winding— up speech during Sook PBRS’ fourth annual general meeting in Sook recently. Kurup, who is also the Pensiangan Member of Parliament, said that land titles had not been issued to some 265,000 acres of land in Sook, adding that the Department could only process applications for 10,000 acres of land annually. Giving assurance to applicants that the location of the land would not be disturbed, Kurup however reminded rowners of land reserves not to carry out expansion as it is against the law. He also reiterated PBRS’s commitment to develop rural areas effectively and to further improve rural health and education. Kurup also said in the effort to lend helping hands to the people, PBRS would be setting up the Pensiangan Member of Parliament Services Centre next to the Sook Assemblyman office. Also present during the meeting were PBRS Deputy President Datuk Ellron Angin, who is also the Sook Assemblyman, as well as PBRS Secretary General George Aludah and PBRS Youth Chief Vincent Lee. On another development, Kurup said that he would accept any decision by the court on the Pensiangan election petition filed by Parti Keadilan Rakyat recently. A meeting between the PBRS Pensiangan Women’s and Youth will be held this Sunday to discuss matters pertaining to the issue.

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