Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Gain military, general knowledge, soldiers told


All army officers and personnel have been advised to constantly equip themselves not only with all aspects of military skills but also in general knowledge. Making the call, Royal Malay Regiment (RAMD) Third Battalion Commanding Officer Lt Colonel Anuar Abd Wahab said besides knowledge of weapons handling and tactics as well as physical, mental and spiritual fitness, they also need to know about the conflicts happening all over the world. “Even though right now there is no threat whether from communist terrorists or neighbouring countries, it doesn’t mean we should do our work half heartedly,” he said. Anuar added that if not stopped, the decline in discipline among them could destroy the whole team. “All misconducts of the Third RAMD personnel such as using drugs, absent without leave, disobeying orders and other problems will destroy the friendship, team spirit and loyalty and service to the commander,” he said. Anuar reminded them that such misconduct could not only get them into trouble hut would also bring shame to their friends and the whole team. He was speaking during the parade in conjunction with the Battalion’s 60th anniversary at PadangKawad.3 in Lok Kawi near here yesterday. This year’s anniversary, he said, is significant as it is celebrated on the exact date, compared to previous years where the team was involved in Ops Pasir Sektor Selatan and Ops Belasah, “We should be proud because the team always celebrates the anniversary, which aims to develop the regimental command system profile as well as conducting activities and events to improve camaraderie among team members,” he said. Fourteen officers and 224 personnel led by Assistant Commanding Officer Major Mustafa Kamal bin Zainuddin took part in the parade. Two army personnel were awarded certificates of excellence — Captain Alfiz bin Muhammad who received a B grade in the officer’s competency course and was also the best student, and Corporal Ku Mohd Latif bin Ku Lah, who received a B grade in the 81mm mortar course. The Best Company Award went to Bravo Company led by Major Zam Azhari bin Zainudin, while another personnel, PW1 Januri bin Parno, was appointed team SMR.

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