Wednesday, July 2, 2008


High Fuel prices: Public consider using motorbikes


The recent fuel prices hike is forcing public members to opt for cheaper alternatives, including the mode of transportation. And the Police are worried that it would contribute to more accidents since more people are turning to motorcycles rather than driving. Deputy City Police Chief, Superintendent Rowell Marong, said yesterday the Police have no problem with the change in transport preferences but worry that the increase in the number of motorcycles, coupled with lack of road courtesy, among motorists, could lead to more road accidents, instead. “Through our observations, there are now more motorcycles on the road since the fuel prices hike. “And last month alone, there were five fatal accidents, three involving motorcyclists, compared to only one in May,” he said. Some of the accidents were caused by self-negligence, while the rest by other factors, according to him. “But whatever it is, whether it is their fault or otherwise, the bottom line is motorcyclists are more exposed to danger,” he said. Rowell therefore urged motorcyclists to pay more attention to road safety, while those driving bigger vehicles should respect the other road users. On another matter, motorists with outstanding traffic bookings have been urged to take advantage of the discount offer on traffic summonses. Explaining the offer, Rowell said motorists who settle their summonses before the compound deadline expires will automatically get a 50 per cent discount. Those who pay up after the deadline but before the court date, as written on the summonses, will get the 30 per cent discount on the summonses. “Those who settle later than that will not get any discount. The discounts are only for compoundable offences,” he said, stressing that offenders booked for beating the red light, causing mishaps, having a warrant of arrest for unsettled traffic summonses or summonses issued during Ops Sikap will not be entertained.

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