Thursday, July 3, 2008


US interference shows disregard for Malaysia’s laws, sovereignty: NGOs


Some local ion-governmental organisations yesterday slammed the United States or showing disregard for Malaysia’s laws and sovereignty by interfering n the legal cases involving Parti Keadilan Rakyat Adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. They said the US stance also indicated that it had a hidden agenda. Federation of Peninsular Malay students(GPMS) Deputy President, Syed Anuar Syed Mohamad, said the US should not question the integrity of Malaysia’s legal system and interfere in investigations by the Malaysian authorities into Anwar’s cases. “The US has no right to interfere in our internal affairs, including those involving our laws and the second allegation of sodomy against Anwar, “The Prime Minister and the police have given their assurance of the authorities being fair in cases involving Anwar. They (the US) need not trouble themselves solving other people’s problems as they have their own unsolved internal problems,” he told Bernama here yesterday. Syed Anuar said the attitude shown by the US towards Anwar also gave the impression that Anwar was its ‘valuable asset”, besides having close relations with him. “The close relationship denotes a personal agenda. How it happened and why the US interference in affairs involving Anwar indicates that there is ulterior motive,” he said. President of the Look East Policy Alumni Association, Za’ba Youn, said the developments of late showed the existence of a close relationship between Anwar and the US. “US interference in Anwar’s cases have raised questions. In the first place, it should not interfere in our internal affairs as we are a free country and one of the most progressive in the region,” he said. Ikatan Rakyat Insan Muslim Malaysia (IRIMM), in a statement, strongly condemned the statement made by US State Department spokesman Tom Casey on the latest sodomy allegation against Anwar, implying that it was politically motivated. “His (Casey’s) statement shows disrespect for Malaysia as a sovereign State, and trying to put pressure on the Malaysian Government in its handling of the case is a conspiracy by the US against Malaysia,” said IRIMM Pro tem President Amir Amsaa Alla Pitchay. Amir Amsaa said the US’ penchant for interfering in the internal affairs of other countries could threaten peace and stability in a multiracial country like Malaysia. Meanwhile, Social Science Studies senior lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Dr Siva Murugan Pandian, said the US needed to respect Malaysia’s laws and its legal system through non-interference, and not to be seen in cahoots with Anwar. “The US should not regard itself as a leader for other countries, considering that Malaysia also practises the democratic system of Government,” he said. PAS Youth Chief Salahuddin Ayub said the US should not try to teach the Malaysian government how to run the country, including how to hand1 investigations into Anwar’s sodomy case. “Let Malaysia solve its own internal problems. We don’t need the interference of other countries, definitely not from the US,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday. “Also let Malaysians themselves fight for justice if there is injustice. We ourselves will correct things in the country. “The turmoil in Iraq and Afghanistan have taught many in the world that justice is not the motive of the (invading) foreign powers, but destruction and to profit from these countries,” he said. Meanwhile, DAP Chairman Karpal Singh said the statement by the US State Department was merely to show its concern over Anwar’s safety after what happened in 1998, where the case was ultimately cleared by the Federal Court that there was a political motive and conspiracy. “The Government should not forget that we are being watched by other countries. We are not in isolation,” he said. - Bernama

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